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Owned & Operated by Registered Physiotherapists, York County Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic is conveniently located just three sets of lights West of Highway 404 at 1100 Davis Drive (the South-East corner of Davis Drive and Leslie Street) Newmarket, On.
Our most recognized landmarks would be McDonald’s and Brewers Retail.

Our current location allows for:

  • Lots of free parking
  • Main level entry with easy access
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • 2000 sq.ft. Clinic facility
  • Quick and friendly service with minimal wait time.
  • Direct Billing Services

Contact us to book an Assessment or Treatment with a Registered Physiotherapist.

A word from our Clinic Owner/Physiotherapist,

Back in 1985, Barbara Paull, the Clinic’s owner, was Director of Physiotherapy at York County Hospital (now Southlake). Highway 404 was under construction, bringing a population explosion to York Region and placing unprecedented demands upon the hospital.

Opening this private clinic was both an adventure and an attempt to cope….and it worked. We attracted experienced clinicians, such as Carol Moore, now our Clinical Director – and we doubled the number of physiotherapists available in Newmarket for outpatient care. Working closely with G.P.s, orthopaedic surgeons, paediatricians, rheumatologists and other hospital colleagues, we see patients of all ages with all kinds of (mainly) orthopaedic complaints.

York County Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic is at the S.E. corner of Leslie and Davis (Suite 22, 1100 Davis Drive). Our registered physiotherapists and support staff aim to provide a gold-standard experience for every patient. We are the kind of clinic we’d search for if we fractured a wrist or suffered from low back pain or painful joints. Every patient is in the care of a physiotherapist who listens to you, examines you, explains the diagnosis, answers your questions, and offers treatment and advice. Our office and support staffs are kind, empathetic, and efficient. Clinic hours are commuter-friendly.

Thank you to all who have visited York County Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic and have put their trust in the hands of our great physiotherapists. We are honoured.

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